Learning Reinforcement

An important component of any performance improvement training is the continued reinforcement of the learning. That is the difference between an expensive event that is soon forgotten and the type of lasting change in the way people work that provides a true return on your investment.

Since 1987 D. E. Jones Associates has customized many improvement systems for satisfied clients, and has developed many ways to reinforce the learning.

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  • Sales Reference Guide and Audio CD
    Resources from the class provide quick reinforcement in the field.
  • Skill Builders
    A series of handouts to be used as assigned reading and/or team meeting discussion topics; designed to continue the development of essential sales skills.
  • Long Term Relationships
    Our programs have evolved in response to client desires to carry this successful training into additional areas.
  • Managers Trained to Reinforce the Learning
    Continued and effective coaching by the sales manager is an essential component of this successful system.
  • Coaching Reference Guide
    A compact 'how to' manual for planning and conducting an in-field coaching session is a helpful resource to ensure that managers get maximum benefit from their time spent coaching.
  • Planning and Execution Guide
    A guide to help managers keep the necessary focus on a skill focused work-with; includes many appropriate guided questions to help lead a sales rep through self-evaluation.
  • In-Field Coaching by D. E. Jones Professionals
    We offer to 'coach the coach' - structured coaching for managers while they coach a direct-report, culminating with a detailed performance appraisal. This maximizes your Return On Investment by reinforcing best practices for your managers.
  • Advanced Classes
    We offer one day, skill-focused reviews - an excellent way to keep people sharp and focused.
  • Mini Modules
    Specific skill reviews from Results Oriented Selling are covered in workbooks. Leaderís guides are supplied so that your managers can lead a group in these 2 hour sessions Ė great for a sales meeting.

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